Could Friends have been on a break?

A long-awaited Friends reunion is now almost definitely, sort of going to happen and the show has just been on a break all this time. The Hollywood Reporter claims that new streaming site HBO Max is in talks with the cast for an unscripted special. No date has been confirmed and HBO Max isn’t due for launch until May 2020, so your Friends fix isn’t coming any time soon.

Jennifer Aniston, having broken Instagram and launched a million reunion rumours by joining the site and posting a photo of the cast together told Ellen Degeneres on her show: “We would love for there to be something, but we don’t know what that something is. So we’re just trying,” before adding “We’re working on something.”

It appears this ‘something’ would be a trip down memory lane with the core Friends cast, rather than a new episode or the film people have been speculating over since the show ended in 2004. Aniston told Variety that it wasn’t the cast who were opposed to a film but “our producers wouldn’t want it, wouldn’t let us. Look, it’s not been without our desire to, because our fans have wanted it so much.”

HBO Max has not commented on the rumours, but they did recently bought the rights to the entire Friends series.

Watch this space…