Bec Hill is first comedian to go LIVR with I’ll Be Bec Q&A

Viral sensation comic Bec Hill is using cutting edge technology to bring the Edinburgh Fringe experience directly to people’s homes. Hill will be the first comedian to bring her Edinburgh hit show to the LIVR platform, allowing stand up fans to experience a show as though they are an audience member in the room for the first time. We caught up with Bec Hill to talk about this new venture… 

Funny Women: You’re about to be the first comedian to appear on the LIVR platform with your Edinburgh Fringe show I’ll be Bec. Can you tell us about your show and tell us what LIVR is?

Bec Hill: The premise for I’ll Be Bec is that I went to the future and have returned to tell everyone what is happening. I answer audience questions and have brought back some cool props from the future too! It got a great write-up from Broadway Baby and The Skinny which I highly recommend looking up!

LIVR is a subscription streaming platform, similar to Netflix, Amazon, NextUp, etc. However, it differs in that the content is all filmed with an HD 360 degree camera. This means you can view the show with a smartphone in a headset (LIVR send a free one if you don’t already own one) or an Oculus, and it’s as if you’re sitting in the audience at the time of filming. You can look around, watch other audience members – it’s got to be experienced to really get how cool it is!

FW: How did you get the idea to use the LIVR platform?

BH: I met some of the LIVR team when they filmed a play I was in earlier this year called Kill Climate Deniers (also starring Felicity Ward). I was like “YOU HAVE TO FILM MY STAND-UP SHOW!” because of the sci-fi content, but also because I was in the painful position of wanting to tour it, but knowing it wasn’t financially viable due to the cost of putting it on. I was worried a 2D filming wouldn’t do some of the more theatrical parts justice, so this just seemed utterly perfect.

FW: Using the LIVR platform makes your show more accessible to a wider audience than touring regular theatres would. Is accessibility important to you?

BH: Absolutely. Social media allows me to interact with my fans personally and I’ve come to realise how many are desperate to see my shows (and others) but can’t due to various health conditions, or financial limitation, or isolated position. No lover of live entertainment should have to miss out because of these factors. This is a cost-effective way of bringing the live experience to them. Not to mention minimising my carbon footprint by not having to hire a big van to lug around all my props and tech!

FW: Why do you think the Arts Council have yet to recognise stand up comedy as an art form?

BH: I honestly don’t know. It’s easy to say it’s down to snobbery, or people not understanding how vast and varied comedy can be, but I imagine it’s more a practical/logistical reason. If they open funding up to comedians, they will be absolutely FLOODED with applications, which will mean they’ll need more staff, which will cost more, which will lessen their budget. Probably something frustrating like that. I don’t agree with it, but I understand things aren’t as straight forward as we’d like them to be.

FW: Tell us your favourite joke!

BH: Limbo is the only sport where being bad at it means you’ve set the bar really high.

FW: And lastly, who are your favourite funny women?

BH: I hate these questions because I genuinely cannot list them all and that pains me. But I saw Desiree Burch, Josie Long, Briony Redman and Samantha Hannah’s Fringe shows this year and they blew me away. I also really wanted to see Harriet Braine and Katie Pritchard, but we clashed. They’re both doing very different stuff with musical comedy and I am very much here for it.

I’ll Be Bec, a show all about the future and our potential when it comes to communication and technology, will be released on LIVR on 8th November 2019.