The Amelia Gething Complex comes to BBC iPlayer

This Saturday 5th October a brand new women-led sketch show will be coming to BBC iPlayer, The Amelia Gething Complex in which online sensation Amelia Gething displays her aspirational style and surreal humour. The 20-year-old Londoner began making her comedy videos as a hobby for friends and family and then moved the content onto Tik Tok . Her unique style soon earned her cult status and a legion of loyal fans following her on the platform. She has 950,000 followers on Instagram and YouTube (500,000 on YouTube). 7.2 million followers on Tiktok.

Amelia lives in a flat with her two best friends, Vinny and Poppy. It’s a home like any other, except that anything can happen. Interspersing the madcap antics in the flat, the show spins off into other sketches in the outside world and breaks the fourth wall by directly engaging the audience.

In the first episode Amelia moves in with Vinny and Poppy. Wallace auditions to become their weird neighbour and a hipster genie causes beard-based havoc.

Amelia goes on to navigate a world of weirdness throughout the rest of the series: she encounters a passive-aggressive lift, Poppy and Amelia accidentally break the space-time continuum, Wallace falls victim to a sarcasm epidemic and Amelia has a gruesome incident with a piñata.

An anarchic vibe with high energy laughs, the series is aimed at teens aged 13 upwards.


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