Meet the 2019 Funny Women Awards Finalists: Charlie George

Another finalist hailing from our Brighton semi-final (we told you it was a good one!) Charlie George has been named one of our 2019 Funny Women Awards finalists…

Funny Women: How does it feel to be through to the 2019 Funny Women Awards final?

Charlie George: Great! (And surprising!) A big hearty laugh in the face of anyone who has told me women aren’t funny over the years (haha).

FW: Describe your comedy to us

CG: Oh God? My friend said it’s ‘quirky’ I’ve also been told I’m a ‘queerdo’ and ‘it’s refreshing’ – I have no idea! You’ll have to see…

FW: What inspired you to start doing stand up?

CG: Writers block and January blues, it was a happy accident. But I think i’d secretly loved it for years.

FW: Who are your favourite funny women?

CG: Kathy Burke – Warms my heart.
Kemah Bob – So smart and what she is doing with Femmes of Colour Comedy is incredible.
Sophie Duker – Her Edinburgh show Venus was a banger, she’s gorgeous & she just always makes me laugh.
Sukh Ojla – really important funny voice on mental health issues and can speak languages!?
Maisie Adam – Her shows are must sees, she’s a joy to watch.

Join us at the Funny Women Awards Grand Final, Thursday 19th September at the Bloomsbury Theatre, London. For tickets click here!

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