Eurydice Dixon’s Killer Given Life Sentence

The man who raped and murdered the 22-year-old comedian Eurydice Dixon must serve a minimum of 35 years in jail before he can apply for parole.

During his sentencing remarks, which took almost two hours, Justice Kaye described the 20-year-old man’s actions as “perverted and depraved”, “totally and categorically evil” and “craven and sadistic”.

During his plea hearing, the court heard that Dixon’s killer had watched violent pornography before and after he attacked the comedian who was walking home after performing at a gig last year. He had stalked Dixon for over four kilometres. Dixon’s rapist and killer turned himself in when a friend spotted him on police CCTV but gave three different versions of events. Justice Kaye said: “There was no evidence that your vicious act … troubled your conscience.”

Eurydice Dixon’s father, Jeremy Dixon, said: “What I wish for Jaymes Todd and what I believe Eurydice would wish, is that he gets better, and … realises what he’s done.

“I extend my sympathies, my sincere sympathy for those who love him. It’s a terrible tragedy all round.

“Eurydice herself should be remembered, as her friends will remember her, for her wit and her courage and for her kindness, not for her death.”

Dixon’s sister, Polly Cotton, was quoted by the judge saying of her sibling: “She was gutsy and determined and clever,”

“When I think of her I feel proud and inspired.”

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