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Lucy Pearman: Baggage

It’s not every day you get a camera pointed at the inside of your bag as you enter a show, and projected into a screen for everyone to see. It’s not every day that a performer gets on stage, walking, on her own legs, but inside a suitcase. It’s not every day, either, that a performer asks for their show props from the audience. All of these happen at Lucy Pearman’s Baggage, and you know you’re in for a ride.

As in all rides, you have to pass security and be sure your baggage is not too heavy. Throughout the show, we witness while Pearman gets rid of everything that is weighing her down, from accessories, to clothing and even her skin. It’s not until she literally bares all, including that hidden emotional wallet (I know it’s baggage, but just indulge my imagery), that she is able to pass through security.

The show is riddled with inventive funny bits. There’s make-up being applied, lies being told, leaking and screaming genitals and audience members being made to show their strength. Pearman is an extremely inventive performer, with new and exciting ideas, that surprise audiences in buckets.

Baggage, and maybe the kind of comedy Lucy Pearman brings to the table, is not for everyone, proven by the handful of people who left the show quite early on. However, all those who stayed were served a banquet of surrealist laughs of the best kind.


Lucy Pearman: Baggage is at the Monkey Barrel at 16:30 until 25th August. For tickets and more information click here!

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