Mariana Feijó

Mariana Feijó

Lorna Shaw: Shaw and Order

Lorna Shaw’s second solo show at the Edinburgh Fringe, sees her leaving her brilliant character Ava Rage behind and present us a stand up and storytelling show as herself.

Taking true crime programmes as a stepping stone for her show, Lorna tells the audience about different podcasts and TV shows that fit under this category and the reasons why they may be so popular in current times. This is done in an engaging way, with some very accurate impressions of some of the hosts.

Shaw lands on her favourite, Criminal, and uses it as the blueprint to tell us the story of a crime that struck her. A missing car, friendly neighbours, husband, meddling parents and a day in court all feature in the story, which is told with the help of some sound cues, that beautifully illustrate the true crime format, live on stage. The stakes in the story aren’t huge and it ends in a less than climatic and maybe a little predictable resolution, but that really doesn’t matter. An uncomplicated story, when injected with enough of the comedy we’re expecting from a show at the fringe, yields a delightful, entertaining show, that is actually quite good.

The audience completely got on board with the performer, helped by her confident delivery of her creation. Shaw and Order is a well-written comedy show, with some punchy jokes and very strong, upbeat performance. Exactly what you need on an early afternoon of a very long festival.


Lorna Shaw: Shaw and Order is at the Gilded Balloon at Old Tollbooth Market at 14:15 until 25th August. For tickets and more information click here!

Funny Women are at the Edinburgh Fringe with five shows, from 19th – 23rd August, a Funny Women Awards 2019 semi-final, a Stand Up to Stand Out workshop and a Meet Up. Come find us!

There’s still time to nominate a women-led show for the 2019 Funny Women Awards’ Best Show Category! The show with the most nominations will be picked! Nominate a show you have seen or your own show by 31st August here!

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