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Maisie Adam: Hang Fire

Award-winning comedian Maisie Adam has experienced a lot of success much earlier in her comedy career than many could hope for. Making her mark in comedy by winning So You Think You’re Funny? in 2017, followed by an Edinburgh Award-nominated debut show and winning the 2018 Amused Moose Award is a pretty stellar trajectory. Combine that with appearances on Mock the Week and 8 out of 10 Cats and I think it’s hard to imagine a comedy landscape without Maisie Adam.

In her second Edinburgh Fringe show Adam opens by asking us who was Mary in the school Nativity (I was, but I don’t like to brag about it. I had a solo, it’s no big deal). Two women in the audience raise their hands (not me, I’m modest. Like Mary) and according to Adam, it’s quite rare to have even that many Marys in the audience. Adam was not a Mary, instead, she played a supporting role to a Wise Man. Is this the heart-rending, emotional twist? I wonder. It can’t be, we’ve only just started. It turns out the record scratch plot twist is to come much later.

Adam goes on to discuss blame, using mugshots of the rich and famous to demonstrate how, if you admit to the crime and take full responsibility (whatever that means nowadays) the public will, in time, forgive you. Is this because they admitted their mistake or because they are rich and famous? Adam only really touches upon this and goes onto what is becoming her signature move, delving into her own teenhood and delivering a cracking anecdote to demonstrate her point.

It’s an interesting story that Adam has to share, and a lot to get her still new comedy chops around; I’d be interested to see this show revisited in a year or so to see what else Adam might do with it. In its current state it is hugely enjoyable with big laughs to overcome the drumming from a show above.


Maisie Adam: Hang Fire is at the Gilded Balloon, Teviot at 17:00 until 26th August. For tickets and more information click here!

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