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Cam Spence: The Sunshine Clinic

Oh man, do I want to check into The Sunshine Clinic. Although maybe without the father of two young boys I was sitting next to, who sat stony-faced post the first mention of cunnilingus. In fact, I’m not sure if half of the audience had been recently bereaved or just seen a cat get run over or something because from where I was sitting they were not properly appreciating how hilarious and clever this show is.

Because it is hilarious and clever and silly. Character shows can be hard to pull off, there’s usually one character that’s a dud and it’s hard to create a storyline for a one-woman multi-character show – unless you want to go with a very old fashioned and questionable schizophrenic angle. It can also often descend into watching a parade of wigs emerging from behind a curtain. This is not the case with Spence’s show.

The Sunshine Clinic prides itself on being the rehab facility closest to the M4, 2009-2010, set up by main character Janet Waitrose, with her various patients populating the rest of the show. Some of them could perhaps do with a little more introduction, but really part of the genius of this show is how… weirdly plausible and plausibly weird it is.

Spence has got around any awkward shouting from behind a curtain as she changes by having part of the show play on screen, this has been used not just as a device to cover wardrobe necessities though, it is properly exploited for comic incidents and enables characters to interact with each other.

The Sunshine Clinic is well written, thought out and expertly directed. And I’ve never laughed so much at the sight of a rubber hand before.


Cam Spence: The Sunshine Clinic is at the Pleasance Courtyard at 16:30 until 25th August. For tickets and more information click here!

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