Kate Stone

Kate Stone

Suzi Ruffell: Dance Like Everyone’s Watching

Due to the old tradition of ‘tears of a clown’, there is a belief that we need our comedians to be tortured souls if they are to be funny. So what happens when they find success, love and, uh-oh, happiness? In Suzi Ruffell’s latest hour we are about to find out.

Because Ruffell is happy, she’s engaged, she’s a homeowner and she’s at the level of fame where her presence may prompt some ‘where-do-I-know-you-from’ stares and possibly some free personal shopping at a sex shop. But what does this mean for her comedy? Well there is still a small part of Ruffell that is still a burden to her, one she says is probably felt by many of the LGBTQ community. That is shame and it’s impeding her quest to have a child with her fiancée.

Considering we live in a country where there is equal marriage, Ruffell makes it clear that we aren’t out of the homophobic woods yet. With seemingly harmless incidents concerning a young estate agent and a doctor’s comment, Ruffell effortlessly demonstrates that life for out LGBTQ people still involves coming out more than you’d expect.

The show combines some hilarious quotes from Mrs. Ruffell (who should probably have a show of her own), an LGBTQ flight to New York Pride and an over zealous Whatsapp group. There is also a bonus sketch about smear tests.

To sum up, you’ll laugh, you’ll cry and you’ll regret it if you don’t get tickets for this show.


Suzi Ruffell: Dance Like Everyone’s Watching is at the Pleasance Courtyard at 20:40 until 24th August. For tickets and more information click here!

Funny Women are at the Edinburgh Fringe with five shows, from 19th – 23rd August, a Funny Women Awards 2019 semi-final, a Stand Up to Stand Out workshop and a Meet Up. Come find us!

There’s still time to nominate a women-led show for the 2019 Funny Women Awards’ Best Show Category! The show with the most nominations will be picked! Nominate a show you have seen or your own show by 31st August here! 

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