Kate Stone

Kate Stone

Stevie Martin: Hot Content

As the audience files in Stevie Martin is busy at her laptop, screen projected for all to see, demonstrating the kind of internet hole ‘research’ can lead you down. One familiar to all journalists, students and anyone with something very important to do ASAP.

Meticulous chaos, with sight gags, observational sketch comedy and pure slapstick, Hot Content is a silly show about a subject the tabloids are going tying themselves in knots over; social media and online content. Having worked not just in online content (fun fact, we both used to write for the same website) but sponsored online content (#ad) Stevie is well placed to comment on this subject and what it has done to the general public.

There is a lot of ground to cover, understandably there’s no mention of what personal information we’re releasing, for free, to shadowy figures in exchange to see what we’ll look like when we’re old. Instead Hot Content focuses on how social media has changed how we communicate online, portray our image with the aid of apps such as FaceTune and detect adverts.

Martin keeps it incredibly light but makes it clear that working in sponsored content made her quite ill and yearn for a life of monetising timelapse films of tortoises. Yet fortunately there is no ‘but seriously, guys’ moment in this show and we are not encouraged to put down our phones (unless I misunderstood the whole show in which case… apologies) and be ‘in the moment’. Instead Hot Content points towards the hyperbole encouraged by social media, which we are welcome to use when referring to the show online. 🙂


Stevie Martin: Hot Content is at the Underbelly, Buttercup at 18:35 until 25th August. For tickets and more information click here!

Funny Women are at the Edinburgh Fringe with five shows, from 19th – 23rd August, a Funny Women Awards 2019 semi-final, a Stand Up to Stand Out workshop and a Meet Up. Come find us!

There’s still time to nominate a women-led show for the 2019 Funny Women Awards’ Best Show Category! The show with the most nominations will be picked! Nominate a show you have seen or your own show by 31st August here! 


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