Funny Women Awards Announce Charity Partner

We are proud to announce that our new charity partner for the final of the 2019 Funny Women Awards at the Bloomsbury Theatre London is leading women’s rights and gender equality charity The Fawcett Society.

Funds raised from ticket sales on the night will go towards a joint campaign aimed at giving women their voice focused on a feminist roadshow around the UK during 2020.

Fawcett’s vision is a society in which women and girls in all their diversity are equal and truly free to fulfil their potential. They have been advancing women’s equality since 1866 when at just 19, Millicent Fawcett collected signatures on a petition for women’s votes. She went on to lead the constitutional suffrage campaign and made this cause her lifetime’s work, securing equal voting rights 62 years later.

Speaking about the new charity partnership, Sam Smethers, Fawcett’s chief executive says: “Our feminist roadshow with Funny Women will inspire, educate and entertain.  But we need to kickstart the fundraising first so come along and help to pay it forward to women all over the UK.”

“This is a real meeting of minds,” says Lynne Parker, founder and chief executive of Funny Women, commenting on the partnership with Fawcett.  “I am super excited to work with Fawcett having been a member and supporter of their work for many years.

“Our joint goal is to raise funds for a series of events around the UK in 2020, our 18th Birthday year. We will combine our comedy portfolio of shows and interactive workshops with Fawcett’s incredible campaigning skills to ensure that women truly get their voices heard in politics, public life, business, media, academia, sport and beyond. Look out Boris, here come the girls!”

The 2019 Funny Women Awards Grand Final takes place on Thursday 19th September at the Bloomsbury Theatre, London. For tickets click here! 

To find out more about becoming a Fawcett member click here!

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