The Revolution will be Podcast, with Tiff Stevenson

Stand-up comedian, actor and writer Tiff Stevenson is the host of a new Lush podcast series in which  she asks fellow comedians how and why comedy can be a force for social change. The podcast title is inspired by the George Orwell quote: “‘Every joke is a tiny revolution.” Tiff’s podcast raises the question; ‘if one joke can be a rebellion, can comedy itself be a revolution? Is comedy the engine that can drive positive social change?’

Guests in this series include: Hari Kondabolu, Erin Gibson, Tawny Newsome, James Nokise, and Kiri Pritchard-McLean. Episode one features Nish Kumar, the presenter of The Mash Report, talking about Brexit, Piers Morgan and representation in comedy. Sara Pascoe makes a guest appearance in episode two where Tiff and her good friend discuss the special powers comedy has, Louis CK and why dairy is disgusting…

Upcoming episodes of Tiny Revolutions see Tiff cover subjects including race, feminism, freedom of speech, and the problem with Apu.

The podcasts are available from iTunes and Google Podcasts.


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