Second Brighton Feminist Swearing Night Announced

Do you feel like society isn’t exactly what it should be? Are you tired or pissed off with certain aspects of it? Do you just feel like cursing and smashing the patriarchy?

After performing at the Feminist Swearing Night organised by Funny Women and the Finnish Institute last year, comedian Bryony No is taking the reins for another round. “After the recent high profile homophobic attacks in London and sexual assaults in Brighton, I think this is really needed right now. All proceeds will be going towards Survivors Network, a fantastic local rape crisis charity. I want an evening where I don’t have to be vigilant and have my keys between my fingers, Feminist Swearing Nights give women a space to sound off and unite in the fact we’re all very fucked off”.

This is an opportunity to shout about the patriarchy, politics, inequality and injustice through stand-up comedy, rhyme, song, swearing, ranting or any other means of expression. The floor is yours!

Moderated by Bryony No, featuring special guests Rosy Carrick, Sameena Zehra and Madame Chandelier’s Rough Guide To Opera.

All are welcome, all must swear.

Brighton Feminist Wearing Night is on Thursday 11th July at Junkyard Dogs. For tickets and more information click here!

Proceeds going to Survivors Network.


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