Kate Stone

Kate Stone

easyHotel eases Travel Stress with Free Rooms for Comedians

A lot of people might think that what a comedian worries about is being funny, or stage fright, or remembering their set. But more often than not the gigging comedian is worrying about how they are going to get back from a gig, especially one that’s far from home. Taking into account travel costs, the idea of booking a hotel might seem absurd but running for the last train from Newcastle to London is rarely a sensible option either.

This is where budget hotel chain easyHotel comes in. The chain is offering new touring stand up comedians free accommodation in its regional UK hotels!

easyHotel was inspired to make the offer in order to acknowledge the positive contribution the UK’s stand up comedians make to the nation’s mood.

Neil Fidler from easyHotel said: “Comedians improve our lives on a daily basis, and this is our way of thanking them for all the laughs and the hard graft of touring the UK.  After a tiring set, they can relax with a comfortable night’s sleep in one of our centrally-located hotels.”

easyHotels in Old Street (London), Milton Keynes, Sheffield, Leeds, Ipswich, Newcastle, Birmingham, Manchester and Croydon are each allocating an initial 10 free nights’ accommodation to standups.

If you’re feeling fancy Neil Fidler added: “We are also offering, on request, some of our exclusive four poster bedrooms as part of the offer.  Each room contains four carefully-curated inspirational posters, including ‘We all have the tools for greatness within us’, ‘The art of communication is the language of leadership’, ‘Limitations live only in our minds, but if we use our imaginations, the possibilities become limitless’ and ‘High achievement always takes place in the framework of high expectations.’”

To apply for a free room, comedians should email a link or picture of their show flyer featuring their name, the date of their gig and the local venue or the online link to liedownstandup@easyhotel.com.  Full details are available via links from the Twitter account @liedownstandup1.

This fantastic and practical initiative is going to set many a comedian’s mind at rest, which will make for some fantastic shows across the UK!


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