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The Sian Clarke Experience

The Sian Clarke Experience is part of Calm Down Dear, a three week long festival of innovative feminist performance, and it does fit the bill.

Sian takes some of her experiences of street (and in house) harassment and deconstructs them in a mix of stand up performance, audience banter and experimental clowning bits, where it’s important you’re not too squeamish about smells and splatter, especially if you choose to sit in the front row.

Once you get past the worries about all the laundry and clean up post show, you’ll be able to enjoy a show that flows between moments of anger and moments of pure silliness in a well balanced series of provoked feelings and emotions.

With a very simple set up, in spite of the complex number of home made props, The Sian Clarke experience takes you on a journey that you will want to take part of.

The Sian Clarke Experience is back at The Camden People’s Theatre on Mon 10 Jun, 9:00 pm.