We Talk to Bec Hill about Kill Climate Deniers

Multi-award winning stand-up Bec Hill is joining fellow comedian and Australian Felicity Ward in the European premiere of Kill Climate Deniers, a play about failing to talk about the issues that matter most for survival. This production is action-packed, combining fact and fiction as it explores in parallel a hostage situation teetering on the brink of calamity and what happened when Australian writer David Finnigan first tried to stage the play – including parliament debate, trolling and death threats. This play has already made a huge impact on audiences and critics alike – think fun action piece wrapped in a TED talk! We caught up with Bec Hill to talk about Kill Climate Deniers, working with Felicity Ward and whether her character would like puns… 

Felicity Ward in Kill Climate Deniers

Funny Women: Tell us about Kill Climate Deniers.

Bec Hill: In a nutshell, it’s about a group of terrorists who take Australia’s Parliament House hostage during a Fleetwood Mac concert and threaten to kill everyone unless action to completely stop climate change is taken immediately.

FW: Do you think comedy is a good medium to educate with?

BH: Yes, but only if the person who wrote it knows what they’re talking about. Thankfully, David Finnigan, the playwright, is maybe one of the smartest people I know.

FW: We know you as a comedian with a flair for puns, is this role a departure for you?

BH: I play Catch, who is the leader of the terrorist group. She probably does like puns, but for the duration of the play, she’s more preoccupied with pulling off a Die Hard-style takeover of a building. It’s a massive departure – she’s really sweary and angry and violent – and I find it incredibly therapeutic.

Bec Hill in rehearsals. credit: Ali Wright

FW: We hear it features action sequences that Sylvester Stallone would be proud of, are you involved in any of these action sequences?!

BH: Let’s just say my personal political stance is anti-gun. But I do get to hold and shoot a lot of guns in this play and it’s incredibly exhilarating.

FW: What’s it like working with a fellow comedian and Australian Felicity Ward?

BH: I’ve known Felicity for a long time and adore her both onstage and off. Unfortunately, we’re still in a time where many comedy clubs don’t have more than one woman on the bill, so I’ve been limited in how often I get to actually perform with her. The rehearsal period for this show has been an absolute dream, getting time to hang out, but also see her in action – in all senses of the word.

FW: And finally, who are your favourite funny women?

BH: Obviously Felicity Ward. I mean… Neither you nor I have time to list them all. So instead, I’m going to list some people who are going to be massive famous in the next few years for stand-up, sitcoms and writing, so I can gloat later and refer back to this interview: Jordan Gray, Rosie Jones, Abigoliah Schamaun, Sophie Duker, Andrea Hubert, Alison Spittle, Bisha K. Ali and Sarah Bennetto. Oh yeah and Bec Hill. I hear she’s about to blow up on the acting scene. 

Kill Climate Deniers is on at Pleasance London from 4th-28th June. For tickets and more information click here!