Learn how to run your own Feminist Swearing Night

We were delighted to run a Feminist Swearing Night in Brighton last year, the night was a huge success, as were the other Feminist Swearing Nights, held at the British Library in London.

One of the ambitions of the Feminist Swearing Night is to start a movement, share the idea and inspire people to create their own Feminist Swearing Nights.

Therefore the original Feminist Swearing Night organisers are inviting you to come along to learn the key principles of making a space for people to come together and comfortably, joyfully, share their experiences with one another. Something we at Funny Women endeavour to do in all our workshops.

The How-to will be held on 3rd May at the Knowledge Centre at the British Library at 18:00. For tickets and more information click here! 

If you need some inspiration there will be a Feminist Swearing Night after the workshop. For tickets and more information click here!

In collaboration with Feminist think tank Hattu and The Finnish Institute in London

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