What’s NextUp for Laura Lexx

Last year award-winning comedian Laura Lexx took her show Trying to the Edinburgh Fringe, the personal themes combined with Laura’s natural charm made the show a hit. Missed it? Never fear, Trying is available now on comedy on demand site NextUp! The site’s Co-Founder Sarah Henley says “Laura has really laid her soul bare in this show about fertility and mental health which has had audiences laughing and crying in equal measure. We’re excited to have captured this special moment in her career and to be able to give it another life for comedy fans to enjoy worldwide.” Editor Kate Stone caught up with Laura to talk about her show, the difference filming makes to a performance and her busy schedule! 

Kate Stone: What is your show Trying about?

Laura Lexx: Overall it’s about the fear of trying to do anything when you’re constantly terrified of the consequences of any action. Specifically, it’s about my fight with an anxious obsession with climate change and how that left me baffled about how to carry on with my life.

KS: You took Trying to last year’s Edinburgh Festival, did you expect the huge positive response you got?

LL: I hoped deep down that people would see what I saw in me and the show, but I don’t know if I was confident it would definitely happen. It’s a big festival and there’s a lot of talent there and it takes an awful lot of good circumstances to get your head out for air from the pack. I think this show being so personal just really crept through people’s armour.

KS: Why did you decide to film your show for NextUp?

LL: I had worked with the NextUp team before on Tyrannosaurus Lexx and I found their approach to a non-intrusive filming style really helpful. They don’t try and pretend it’s not you in a room doing your show to a live audience and I liked that. I felt like capturing it there and then in Edinburgh instead of waiting a few months was the best way to time capsule what the show was when it was that.

KS: You have two comedy shows on NextUp and performed at Live at the Apollo, does it feel different performing live comedy when you know you’re being filmed?

LL: Um… yes, for me it does. I’m quite loose verbally and will always mix and change things up a lot so it’s strange knowing that whatever version comes out of my mouth that day will be set in stone for the filmed version of it. My instinct is to just play to the people in the room though and the people watching at home will just imagine they are one of them.

KS: What’s next (up) for you?

LL: I have A LOT on my plate at the moment! I’m currently warming up my new show Future Tense for Edinburgh 2019 and also working on a lot of writing projects in the background. I have a few scripts and ideas in development that I’m hoping to be able to talk about properly over the next few months.

KS: And lastly, who are your favourite funny women?

LL: Oh there are just so many… Zoe Lyons always gets my top number one spot, I love Suzi Ruffell, I’m working with Kerry Godliman this weekend who is just a dream on stage, I love Sarah Millican and her enthusiasm and friendship has been such a support through stand up, I also love Shappi Khorsandi (particularly her book – Nina is Not Ok) and a million other very, very funny women.

Watch Laura Lexx on NextUp here!