Rose Matafeo to star in feature film Baby, Done

Award-winning comedian Rose Matafeo is set to star in a new movie from Piki FilmsYou might have spotted Matafeo on the tills in a previous Piki production The Breaker Upperers on Netflix, now production is underway in Auckland on Baby, Done in which the comedian will co-star with Harry Potter actor Matthew Lewis as her boyfriend

Matafeo plays tree surgeon Zoe, who becomes pregnant by Tim (Lewis) and freaks out as she tries to rush through her dreams before she becomes a mother. The film was written by actor Sophie Henderson and is a semi-autobiographical tale inspired by her own experience starting a family.

Director Curtis Vowell says, “Sophie and I are over the moon to be working with Rose and Matthew — they’re hilarious together and their chemistry is electric. We’re already having a lot of fun making it and can’t wait to deliver it to the world.”

Matafeo says: “I’m super excited to be in a legit movie… I’ve known and admired Sophie and Curtis since I was a little teen fan of the Auckland creative scene and it’s a dream to be working with them, plus it’s so nice to have to an excuse to come back to New Zealand so I can open all the mail my Nan has been saving for me.”

Lewis says: “I fell in love with the script immediately and the team of creatives behind it. I’m also a big fan of Rose and her work and so to be opposite her shooting in beautiful New Zealand is a privilege and I’m looking forward to bringing this story to life.”

Morgan Waru is producing Baby, Done with Waititi and Carthew Neal exec producing for Piki Films. The movie is made with investment from The New Zealand Film Commission, Wallace Productions Limited and Department of Post. New Zealand distribution will be handled by Madman and Piki in 2020 with Madman releasing in Australia. International sales are with Emily Gotto and Piki Films’ Neal.