Alison Jackson: Double Fake

In this day and age, it’s hard to tell what’s real and what’s fake (news). If it’s a photo of a celebrity doing something amusingly mundane, chances are BAFTA Award winner Alison Jackson is behind the image. Now Jackson brings her art to life in a unique, spectacular show at Leicester Square Theatre.

Jackson reveals the secrets behind her scandalous images, together with hilarious behind-the-scenes ancedotes; she shows how she creates realistic looking photographs and videos live on stage.

From the madness of the casting, the unbelievable styling and celebrity makeovers, turning ‘nobodies’ into ‘somebodies’, she performs a live photo shoot on stage with a Selfie Bonanza! Inside the circus of celebrity craziness, she highlights the confusion between the real and the fake; the nightmare of styling Donald Trump’s wig, choosing the Queen’s panties and how she created Kim Kardashian’s big butt.

Get Star Struck! Come and take a selfie with Donald Trump!
It’s your chance to become a celebrity too with a unique live make-over!

“We are a nation obsessed with celebrity, and in this show I’m going to challenge your mind to see what’s real, and what’s lurking in your twisted imagination” says Jackson.

Alison Jackson is world famous for her extravagant photographs and films of celebrities, politicians and royals, capturing their intimate life we have all imagined, but never seen before.

Alison Jackson: Double Fake runs from 5th-7th March at Leicester Square Theatre. For tickets and more information click here!