Jon Jayson

Jon Jayson

Punkanary TV: A revolutionary new comedy channel made for creators like you

Calling all Funny Women!

We know there are thousands of new comedy creators making fantastic, original productions at low cost. And putting them on YouTube, Vimeo or social media, with no clear direction or purpose. Just waiting for an opportunity.

An opportunity that seems so unlikely to come from the few channels broadcasting comedy content by established industry names.

Well not anymore. It’s time for change. It’s time for a channel to bridge the gap between traditional TV comedy and social media. A channel commissioning lots of high quality, original content by emerging talent that fans love. Encouraging diverse perspectives by genuinely providing equal opportunities to create, not filling quotas. Showing comedy that isn’t afraid to take risks. This is how a comedy channel should be. Which is why we’re making it.

Introducing Punkanary, the world’s first comedy channel powered by the “crowd”, bringing creators, fans, producers and broadcasters together in one place.

How does Punkanary work? We have a buzzing platform for creators to upload their comedy show and grow an audience of fans, with over 1,000 comedy fans and 130 shows already signed up.

Any comedy production goes, whether it’s sketch, sitcom, animation, web series, musical, short, long, or anywhere in between. We select shows that prove an audience of fans for screening at events and on an exciting on-demand channel, that will sit alongside the Punkanary platform you see today and showcase only the best new comedy. Shirley & Shirley are one of the headlines of the upcoming channel with a series of their badly behaved Aussie Girls.

To kick start the Punkanary movement we are offering a very limited number of places to get a first look at the upcoming on-demand channel, and bag a free years subscription, all for only £5. We are only offering this to our community and the awesome Funny Women first because we share your passion for creating comedy.

So if you like the sound of Punkanary, don’t miss your chance to get involved. Be part of the comedy revolution, and see the first exciting shows on a new channel made specifically for comedy creators right here:

Join the Punkanary Comedy Revolution

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