Leicester Comedy Festival Competition(s) Announces Finalists

Leicester Comedy Festival has announced the finalists for its competitions. First up are the finalists for Leicester Mercury Comedian of the Year Competition, nominated by promoters across the UK, 2017 Funny Women Awards Regional Finalist Kathryn Mather, Daniel Sofoluke, 2017 Funny Women Awards Regional Finalist Jen Ives, Riordan DJ, Jeremy Flynn, Simon Wozniak, Jamie Hutchinson and Krystal Evans. The final takes place on Saturday 23rd February 2019.

Competitors in the UK Pun Championships on 11th February are Rob Thomas, Colin Leggo, Stevie Vegas, Eleanor Colville, 2017 Funny Women Awards Regional Finalist Adele Cliff, Richard Woolford,  Joseph Murphy and ‘Alf’.

The Silver Stand Up Competition  for comedians aged over 55 and taking place on 21st February will feature: Stylophobia, Sally Firth, Pam Tiling, Nik Hill, Nipper Thomas, Janis Haves, Pat O’Connor, Lois Bromfield, Christine Crawley, Professor John, John Butler, Jac Bevan, Oldis,  Kevin Hudson and Brian Cowles.

The comedians invited to take part in Circuit Breakers, a showcase that features promising new acts offering them them professional support and advice plus a professional photo shoot with photographer Andy Hollingworth, are: Joe Hobbs, 2017 Funny Women Awards Regional Finalist Hannah Platt, Chris Copestake, Carla Pol, George Edgelle and Nena Edwards.

Festival director Geoff Rowe, said: “We’re hugely proud of our commitment to new talent and our competitions, and Circuit Breakers showcase, will hopefully continue to provide a helping hand to comedians.

“We’ve been inundated with applications from acts for all our competitions and showcases, and we are delighted that so many are from across the UK and not just London-based acts.”

Leicester Comedy Festival runs from Wednesday 6th to Sunday 24th February 2019.