Date My Mate Podcast: Interview

2016 Funny Women Awards finalist Rosie Jones is single and ready to mingle, or rather go on dates and podcast the results with her mate writer and producer Anneka Harry, but I can’t think of a way to make that rhyme. Together they are going on a nationwide search to find Rosie a girlfriend via their new podcast Date My Mate. I caught up with Rosie and Anneka to talk perfect dates, being a wingman and Killing Eve… 

Kate Stone: Anneka, why have you decided to ‘take drastic measures’ over Rosie’s dating life?

Anneka Harry: Drastic times call for drastic measures and so I’m launching a nationwide search to find Rosie a girlfriend via the land of podcast! Rosie Jones is a CATCH and, quite frankly, I’m done with all her third-wheeling. Somebody needs to snap her up and I’m bored of waiting for all the single ladies (all the single ladies) to catch on to her awesomeness. Basically, Rosie’s been on Bae Watch for far too long and I’ve witnessed more than enough of her swiping right. It’s time to save her from herself and from RSI.

KS: Rosie, how do you feel about all this?!

Rosie Jones: A lovely, balanced concoction of nervous and excited! I’ve never, ever, been on a date before – I know, I can’t believe it either – so it’s all new, scary love territory for me.

KS: Why did you both decide to make this adventure into a podcast?

RJ: Why miss an opportunity to publicly embarrass myself on a grand scale? We both are massive fans of podcasts and have been looking for an excuse to get into that world, so we thought, brilliant, two birds, one stone… we can create a hit podcast and find me a girlfriend. I mean, how hard can that be?

AH: What she said! It’s also a great excuse to sit around, drinking cider together – our favourite pastime. Plus, there are too many male/pale/stale podcasters polluting the download waves. We thought it was about time for a queer, GRL PWR takeover.

KS: Rosie, what is your ideal date?

RJ: Ice skating… naaat! Just somewhere where we can talk and get to know each other, preferably with alcohol. Although if a date wanted to fly me to Italy and take me on a moonlit walk around Lake Como, that would be lovely. Me, asking for too much? NEVER!

KS: That’s very specific… On the flipside, what’s your idea of a nightmare date?

RJ: Anything involving spaghetti wouldn’t end well. Clay pigeon shooting, archery, darts… just anything that would end in my inevitable death.

AH: Don’t forget, I’m wingmanning on these dates, so I’m hoping I can do a bit of damage control – because oh-ma-gawd does Rosie need it!

KS: Do you think a comedy career is hard to balance with a dating life?

RJ: Oh completely! Line up ladies, I sleep until midday, I get home in the early hours of the morning and I will most probably tell your most embarrassing story on stage in front of hundreds of people, every single night. Why AM I still single?!

KS: Rosie, are you hoping this will provide fodder for material?

RJ: My whole life is fodder for material! Let’s just say I won’t be taking a notebook with me on our dates, but I might take the odd mental note!

KS: Usually for the last question we ask who are your favourite funny women. But in the spirit of the podcast, who would you most like to go on a date with – other than Cate Blanchett?   

RJ: Right now, definitely Jodie Comer, preferably as Villanelle from Killing Eve. She’s spectacular, isn’t she? I’d even let her kill me after our date!

AH: Rosie’s really not going to make this easy for me, is she?! Jodie, if you’re reading this, CALL OFF THE SEARCH! ROSIE JONES IS THE WOMAN YOU’VE BEEN LOOKING FOR! And to everyone else – preferably those who aren’t bloodthirsty assassins… if you or someone you know might be the gal of Rosie’s dreams please email me at datemymatepod@gmail.com – your love life and our podcast depends on it!

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