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Cunk on Everything: A Review

I’ll level with you, while I adore Philomena Cunk, I thought this was going to be another one of those novelty books designed purely for the Christmas market and destined to live, unread, in the guest toilet. If you have such a thing. And I suppose it is, only it’s good. The very first sentence had me laughing, this is not just ‘a book’ as Cunk promises, it’s a funny book.

Written by Cunk, with a little help from Joel Morris, Jason Hazeley and Cunk’s creator Charlie Brooker, the book completely captures Diane Morgan’s deadpan Cunk delivery. As promised, it covers everything, from Archie Medes, “the cleanest of the Greek philosophers” to Henry the Eight, “the Tom Baker of kings” to Xylophones, “…a crap piano” this encyclopedia is as comprehensive as it is ridiculous.

This is a book you can dip into and not be disappointed. In fact, if you plan on buying this as a Christmas gift I recommend you buy two because you’ll want to keep this.

Cunk on Everything by Philomena Cunk is published by Two Roads, out on 1st November, to pre-order click here!