Sarah Kendall is Frayed on Sky TV

Sarah Kendall is set to star in a self-penned comedy-drama for Sky TV, Frayed. Sarah plays a middle-class housewife in London, who makes a sudden return to her Australian hometown with the flawed family she left behind.

The show will air next year and – in what is fast becoming Sarah’s signature style – will be set in the past, 1989.

Sarah told the Sydney Morning Herald: “I just wanted to visit my family in Newcastle but I ended up shooting a six-part comedy here for the ABC and Sky,

“I’m incredibly excited to be given this opportunity. And I also love free flights.”

Sky’s head of comedy, Jon Montague, said: “We can all relate in some way to complex family drama, which is at the heart of this ingeniously written comedy.

“Sarah Kendall is an exceptional lead and I’m excited to add Frayed to Sky’s line-up of original British comedy in 2019.”

ABC head of comedy Rick Kalowski said: “Frayed is among the funniest, but also most moving, pieces I’ve ever had the pleasure to work on.”