Tamar Broadbent’s Best Life transfers to New York

2015 Funny Women Awards finalist Tamar Broadbent is set to make her New York debut with her five star, sell out Edinburgh show Best Life, a musical comedy about ambition, anxiety and avocados.

Best Life will run from 7th-16th December at New York’s Soho Playhouse. The show uses an innovative mix of stand-up, original songs and some bonus advice from Tamar’s 95-year-old grandmother Joan. Tamar explores what success means today and wonders if they goals we set are our own or what we fear they should be.

For the record, Tamar’s life plan was simple:

1. Find dream job

2. Change the world

3. Go to brunch

Somehow now she’s broke and overwhelmed by options and in a complicated relationship with Netflix. In a world fuelled by Instagram, feminism and fuck boys Tamar asks: “how do you know if you are living your best life?”

With a run in New York on the cards, we suspect Tamar is.