Kate Stone

Kate Stone

Surprise! A Sexual Predator Walks into a Comedy Club, Again.

It’s a Tuesday, so it’s probably high time Louis CK followed up his surprise return to stand-up with another surprise gig at the Comedy Cellar in New York. No doubt that guy has a ton of Kavanaugh material to try out and that shit’s only going to be hot for so long, people.

Surprised? Well, don’t worry because this time, just by coincidence, the venue took precautions just in time for the comedian, who admitted to sexually assaulting some of his fellow comedians, to make a second surprise appearance. Yes, would you believe just ahead of the unexpected appearance (of Louis CK, not Louis CK’s penis) the club put up signs and added the following copy to tickets:

“Swim at your own risk. We never know who is going to pop in. If an unannounced appearance is not your cup of tea, you are free to leave (unobtrusively please) no questions asked, your check [sic] on the house.”

So cute, right? I suppose ‘Swim at your own risk’ is the new ‘sorry you were offended’. If it weren’t for the fact this was definitely a surprise spot, I’d wonder if the venue hadn’t anticipated a second hostile response to another appearance from an admitted sexual predator and gone out of their way to make a safe space for him. Free speech and all that.

Plus they NEVER KNOW WHO IS GOING TO POP IN and, although such a policy is not mentioned, it appears that they are obliged to give whoever POPS IN a spot. Be it Louis CK, Roseanne or Bill Cosby, they clearly have to, have to, give them a spot and if you don’t like it; leave. Free of charge. Which is not the same as hush money. Nope.

According to one audience member: “A few women walked out. He didn’t address [the #MeToo allegations against him]. He was a little arrogant … he made some comment like, ‘I’ve been off for a while, ‘cause everyone needs a break”.

So true.

I suspect the women who walked out of the Comedy Cellar needed a break. A break from having to sit and be polite whilst white men who have committed criminal acts have their say. If Comedy Cellar can’t tell Louis CK time’s up, I hope comedy audiences and other comedians will.

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