Tessa Coates Gets ABC Pilot

Massive Dad sketch group member, writer and stand-up comedian Tessa Coates is set to create, star and executive produce a comedy series project, executive produced by The Office’s Greg Daniels with ABC studios in the US!

Tessa took her debut Edinburgh show Primates to Los Angeles in June, ahead of the 2018-19 broadcast development season, performing at the Lyric Theatre and Improv Lab. Her show became a word-of-mouth hit and by the final show, Tessa had an audience of Hollywood executives. Tessa received multiple network offers for blind development/talent holding deals before deciding to go with Greg Daniels, ABC and ABC Studios.

In the midsts of all this, Tessa took her second show to Edinburgh, Witch Hunt and continued to host her podcasts Nobody Panic, Will You Read to Me, and Badass Women from History.

Greg Daniels has form with taking English projects to America, having previously brought The Office to the US.