Emma Deeley

Emma Deeley

Enter the Dragons

Sitting in my seat in the Jack Dome the performance started with something akin to a black magic ritual with Native American war cries and talk of dragons.  I wondered what on earth I had let myself in for.  It soon became apparent…

Performers Abigail Dooley and Emma Edwards played an abundance of different characters with varying voices and slipped seamlessly between them, despite somewhat unpolished costume changes.  They were a joy to watch, displaying real chemistry and showcasing their spot-on character acting to perfection.   

This was a brilliantly written piece exploring candidly the journey of female ageing and the societal pressures associated with it.  As an audience we were taken on a journey of hilarity and self-discovery, which included especially poignant moments.  Rather than detract from the humour it added greatly to the depth of the show and shone a spotlight on the freedom which can be gained when one accepts who they are.

The show includes full frontal nudity but this was by no means gratuitous; it was used perfectly and left me with a sense of baring a soul on stage rather than just a naked body.

Don’t think for a moment this was ‘just another show’ about the menopause and hot flushes (brilliantly referred to as power surges) though, this was original comedy at its finest, with quirky stage antics and crudely made props adding to the laughter, of which there was a lot!

I am no longer worried about getting older as a woman after seeing Enter the Dragons.  Uproariously funny and unexpectedly uplifting – go and see it, it’s cheaper than therapy!


Enter the Dragons is at 16:10 at JackDome until 27th August. For tickets and more information click here!

Enter the Dragons will be at 19:45 Stage Space, Pleasance London from 6th – 10th November. For tickets and more information click here!

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