Kate Stone

Kate Stone

Suzi Ruffell: Nocturnal

Nocturnal, presumably named for Suzi’s 3.00am insomnia episodes in which she goes on Twitter to converse with internet trolls, is about anxiety and all that’s happened to Suzi in the past year.

And what a year it’s been, Suzi went to Australia, hugged a giant stingray, went on a hen do, found love (not with the stingray, who was called Barbara) and wrote this comedy show. Whilst anxiety is addressed throughout the show, this isn’t about conquering it. In fact, according to Suzi if you aren’t anxious right now, you aren’t awake considering what’s going on in the world right now and she has a point.

Wherever Suzi is in the world or whatever she is doing, this tightly packed show keeps coming back to LGBTQ rights and how life has and hasn’t changed for LGBTQ kids. Or adults, Suzi finds herself often in heteronormative surroundings, being paired off with the one other lesbian present. The fact is, we’re still tip-toeing round LGBTQ lives instead of embracing them and more importantly including them at every level. Touching upon this subject and future Disney characters leads to a great surprise ending.

A true comedian, Suzi doesn’t let her audience go more than five minutes, if that, without laughing. Even when talking about a perverted Sri Lankan monk who assaulted her and her girlfriend, it’s only when leaving the venue that you think ‘oh my goodness!’


Suzi Ruffell: Nocturnal is at 21.45 at Pleasance Courtyard, Below until 26th August. For tickets and more information click here!

Our coverage of the Edinburgh Fringe comes to you with the support of Starling Bank, the mobile-only bank that takes your money seriously. Through their campaign #MakeMoneyEqual, Starling is promoting the often difficult conversations about money and giving women a voice.

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