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Lucy Porter: Pass It On

Going to see Lucy Porter when I am up at the Fringe is always on my agenda. Lucy’s comedy is my ‘safe place’. It’s warm, comfortable and reassuring with enough spike to leave me laughing about the content days later.  I like that – it’s the gift that keeps on giving.

Lucy is unapologetically ‘middle aged’ in this latest show and talks about the preoccupations that creep up on us in our busy, overcrowded lives.  She explores life’s ups and downs from dealing with small children and school-gate angst to the death of parents and their collection of glass clowns, (yes, really and Lucy had them on display to prove it). This was both hilarious and bittersweet.

Lucy’s tale of her quest to replace a discontinued line of M&S ‘relaxed skinny’ fit jeans really struck a chord of familiarity – I now need details of her school gate ‘dealer’!  All this and more, much more.

This is my favourite show of Lucy’s to date. Her musing on what we receive from our ancestors and what we pass on to future generations is thought-provoking and funny in equal measure. I’m passing it on and please go see if you get the chance.


Lucy Porter: Pass It On is at the Pleasance Forth at 17:30 until 26th August. For tickets and more information click here!

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