Kate Stone

Kate Stone

Stevie Martin: Vol 1

Stevie Martin has gone all out for her debut, a lot of work has gone into the opening of this show and no expense spared for this bells and whistles and dry ice introduction. It’s quite a risk kicking off a show with such high production values and slick effects, as it creates a lot for a solo performer to live up to, however, if you didn’t like the first intro then don’t worry, because Stevie has plenty more up her sleeve.

We know Stevie from sketch group and 2015 Funny Women Awards finalists Massive Dad, so she’s not green when it comes to comedy, but going solo is a new start for her. According to Stevie she’s great at starting things, she just never finishes them, hence the show of starts with no conclusions. Clearly a smart woman, for Vol.1 it appears Stevie is sticking to what she knows this show is very reminiscent of her sketch roots, demonstrating that she is a creative thinker and solid comedy writer.

However, at certain points I find myself thinking ‘ok, I’d like to speak to Stevie now’. Vol. 1 never quite settles into a character or stand-up show which creates a nervy energy. With a very self-aware ending, it appears Stevie is happy to send herself up, but I’m not sure if she isn’t trying to highlight any faults before her critics do. She has no reason to, this comedian clearly has what it takes to do well and I look forward to Vol.2 because Stevie’s started something now.


Stevie Martin: Vol 1 is at 18:00 at Pleasance Courtyard until 27th August. For tickets and more information click here!

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