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Vulvarine: The Musical

Robyn Grant and Fat Rascal Theatre have done it again with Vulvarine, effortlessly sending up superhero narratives, sexism and MRAs, demonstrating that diverse theatre equals better theatre.

Bryony Buckle (Allie Munro) is a smart woman, the second smartest in her dull office, her days revolve around boring work, lunch and her crush Orson Bloom (Jamie Mawson) from IT who’s kind of lazy, before coming home to her cat Elton (…Robyn Grant). However, an appointment with her GP changes all that. Brilliantly lampooning the experience most cis-women have when they go to the doctor, Bryony is told her cough is all down to her female parts and is given a hormone injection. When she is struck by lightning the combination causes Bryony to gain superhero abilities which she uses to help womankind and find out… where is the tampon tax going?   

Every superhero needs a nemesis and Vulvarine’s is The Mansplainer, an eccentric scientist who has plans to make every woman docile. This musical manages to touch on various topics regarding gender equality without losing sight of the fact the show is a comedy musical, a mistake a surprising amount of comedians make. Vulvarine is funny, silly and smart with strong characters, songs and a fantastic set. I expect the Fringe won’t be your last chance to catch Vulvarine, but you should definitely make sure you catch it while you can.


Vulvarine: The Musical is at 19:00 at Assembly, George Square Studios until 26th August. For tickets and information click here!

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