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The Birthday Girls: Late Night Comedy Party

The Birthday Girls are experts at throwing parties. They bring you the booze and the best tunes, and don’t forget the glitter and dance moves. Oh yeah, and the flirting, so much flirting!

The three performers present us with a series of sketches interspersed with performances from comedians they’ve invited to play and they have the best of friends, which turns the line-up into an unmissable treat. Lou Sanders, Lazy Susan and Suzi Ruffell were the cherries on top of the cake for the first night of their Edinburgh Fringe run this year and they didn’t disappoint.

The Birthday Girls sketches are a collection of independent skits whose themes span the gamut from sexuality, to beauty secrets and women’s issues. The comedians act them out convincingly and deliver their material well.

As hosts of the show, the three women are able to keep the energy up as well as their inherent and purposeful awkwardness.

If you’re the sort of person who likes their loud parties, their dancing and neon lights and don’t say no to a stiff drink, this show is a good way to finish your day with a bit of fun. If you’re tired of the cult of alcohol and crazy partying, you can probably skip it.


Birthday Girls: Late Night Comedy Party is at Pleasance Courtyard at 23:00 until 19th August. For tickets and more information click here!

This event has been made possible with the support of Starling Bank, the mobile-only bank that takes your money seriously. Through their campaign #MakeMoneyEqual, Starling is promoting the often difficult conversations about money and giving women a voice.