Lynne Parker

Lynne Parker

Sindhu Vee: Sandhog

I was truly impressed with Sindhu’s ‘WIP’ show last year so this year’s first full run at the fest wasn’t a total surprise.  I know what to expect of this woman, having seen her first steps into comedy at one of our workshops five years ago.  The material is fresh and very, very funny and the delivery is measured and spellbinding.

Sandhog is a heart-warming and honest show.  It’s a love story with a wry sideways look at life as a partner, wife, mother and daughter.  It’s relatable from all angles and even though I have heard some elements of Sindhu’s tale along the way at regular gigs as a comedy set it all feels very new in this format.

Without giving the game away, the Sandhog of the title is also the star of the tale and you find out about this early on in the show.  Sindhu references her culture and family members with affection and sharply observed anecdotes. Life around Sindhu is never dull but everybody knows their place in her pecking order. This is comedy storytelling at its best.

What really, really impresses me is when proper attention is paid to the development of a whole ‘story arc’ and much reference is made to this in comedy circles.  The best performers treat their hour at Edinburgh as a proper show with a beginning, middle and end.  This still leaves a margin for adaptation and improvisation to make it exciting and different each time, as much for the performer as for audiences. Sindhu is mistress of this art and therefore doesn’t disappoint. The hour leaves you wanting more, much more.

The run is pretty much sold out and a few extra dates are planned.  Get a ticket if you can because Sindhu is already popping up on our small screens and I’m guessing that we will all be seeing a lot more of her over the next few years.


Sindhu Vee: Sandhog is at the Pleasance Courtyard 16:30 until 26th August.  Extra shows 22nd and 23rd, times vary. For tickets and more information click here!

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