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The Problem with Faye Treacy

I thought that some late audience members, who were a little drunk and raucous for a Wednesday evening might crush Faye Treacy as she welcomed them in post-show-start. But as the show progresses and she shares her story you realise this comedy trombonist/tromboner is tougher than she looks.

A multi-media, multi-vegetable show, The Problem with Faye Treacy shares what it’s like growing up with a mother who fosters multiple children, meaning Faye is not short of siblings, and a dad who was a punk turned BT engineer. Faye wishes to share some wise words with her little sister but realises she has some very specific advice about being the only woman in a band, trying out avant-garde material at a gong show and a rattling memory of spying her mother with the Scout leader.

Faye has no doubt heard this numerous times, but she looks so like “Dobby from Peep Show” as one audience member mentioned, that it’s somewhat distracting at points but I wouldn’t be surprised if that is old material for Faye. The switches between trombone, recorded tracks and talking were sometimes a little clunky but the played right it added to the charm. An appealing show with some great one-liners and a joyous conclusion, Faye is a compelling performer who you will love.


The Problem with Faye Treacy is at 19:45 at The Mash House until 26th August. For tickets and more information click here!

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