Mariana Feijó

Mariana Feijó

Interruption Show

I guess you could call the Interruption Show a compilation show, but it’s a special kind of compilation show. Even though it is technically a show where the host invites guest stand-up comedians to do their own few minutes of material after she delivers her own bits, there is a new format to take into consideration in the proceedings. The format, created by the host Dalia Malek, sees two co-hosts, seated by the side of the stage, interrupt (clue is in the name!) stand-up comedians mid set, to ask them those burning questions their stories bring up.

As any compilation show, the enjoyment of it is inevitably linked to the guests chosen and the particular format makes that even more important as not everyone can think on their feet, be interrupted and get back into the prepared material they came to perform. The particular show I went to see had great guests, some of whom are experts in thinking on their feet and weren’t at all disturbed by the interruptions, but I’m guessing Dalia does her homework and handpicks the guests carefully to make sure the audience is happy.

The host is welcoming, natural and very funny, delivering her sharp, at times dark material based on the struggles of being an Egyptian American with excellent timing. Guest Kemah Bob was excellent and didn’t miss any beat, no matter how many times she was interrupted and I’m happy to say I already had her show in my very busy Edinburgh schedule. Sameena Zhera was another great guest who didn’t seem affected by the format and she was so funny I’m currently shuffling my schedule to fit her show in.

One of the acts mentioned at the end how good an experience being part of this show was, as performing a set material for a whole month can sometimes make you start losing the passion for it and being interrupted and prompted with insightful questions will have you on your feet, creating on the spot or remembering older material, and fall in love with the craft all over again. Both audiences and acts should be giving the Interruption Show a look.


Interruption Show is at Laughing Horse at The Newsroom at 20:45 until 26th August. For tickets and more information click here!

This event has been made possible with the support of Starling Bank, the mobile-only bank that takes your money seriously. Through their campaign #MakeMoneyEqual, Starling is promoting the often difficult conversations about money and giving women a voice.

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