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Emmy Fyles: Live Your Best Life

Starring in her debut Fringe solo show Live Your Best Life, the moment Emmy Fyles burst onto the stage in She-Ra leggings and face sparkles I loved her immediately. Warm, personable and wholly relatable, she led us on a comical journey of how she had attempted to “live her best life” following a series of disasters at the beginning of 2018. 

To help her on this modern pilgrimage, she enlisted the “expert” help of Wikihow and Instagram; cue hilarious anecdotes, clever quips and the use of perfectly timed photos and video clips.

Through her performance she shone a spotlight on the inadequacies one can face with the barrage of perfection which is bombarded across social media and as an audience made us question whether spending an inordinate amount of time setting up an aesthetically pleasing breakfast with patterns of chia seeds and the like, just to post on Instagram, is really living your best life.  Emmy demonstrated with much amusement that it definitely isn’t. 

This show was not only hugely funny but had a deeper meaning, that social media is not necessarily a force for good.  Emmy cleverly displays social media’s glaring transparency to great comedic effect and in essence delivered a message that said don’t try to make a different version of yourself, accept who you are and what you have.

Astute observation, superb comic timing, clever, original writing – one to watch! Can’t wait to see what Emmy does next!


Emmy Fyles: Live Your Best Life is at 13:15 at the Hanover Tap until 18th August, for tickets and more information click here!

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