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Gabby Killick: Girlfriend from Hell

Girlfriend From Hell by Gabby Killick was a runner-up in our 2017 Funny Women Awards Best Show category as voted by the public.  This is its debut at the Fringe which makes it all the more remarkable that it was judged against other shows that had already been seen by the larger Edinburgh audiences in 2017. 

This is a feisty, independent work that explores the pain and the pleasure to be derived out of a relationship when it ends. Gabby covers a range of emotions from despair, through anger and revenge and onto elation as she dances on the grave of her relationship.  She rages, she stalks and eventually celebrates what might have been.  It is a familiar story of heartbreak with an uplifting message of positivity.

There is some clean, crisp writing in this one-woman show and it is firmly set with a strong narrative combined with Gabby’s elegant physicality and stagecraft.  There is a feel of stand up about the production, but it has been worked and honed since it set out in Gabby’s capable hands last year.

With scripted works, there is often a reliance to stay on book and not take risks.  I am pretty sure that each day is a different one for Gabby as she bends with the energy of her Fringe audience and she isn’t afraid to look them in the eye and ask questions.  She has clearly found her feet here in Edinburgh and her audience was engaged throughout.

Gabby is a young woman with a future so don’t mess with her!  However, she doesn’t ‘bite’ and there is no devil in her particular hell.  The message (if you need one) is positive.   


Girlfriend from Hell is at Underbelly, George Square at 13:20 until 27th August. For tickets and more information click here!

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