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Rose Matafeo: Horndog

Were someone to describe Rose Matafeo to me I might suspect she was trying a little too hard to see ‘adorkable’, the self-deprecation, the audiovisuals, the glasses. Yet the 26-year-old Kiwi is incredibly likeable, charismatic and natural on stage. She is apparently so comfortable on stage that she is present as the audience comes into the venue. Oh, yes we all know the meet and greet trick, but have you ever been challenged to a table tennis match as you enter a show? I don’t think so.

The blurb for Horndog announces that Rose has kissed a “nearly 10 men in her life, AKA she’s a total horndog” implying this show will probably document each of Rose’s relationships. However, this is not a standard break-up show, those are so 2017. This is about what makes girls horny, or rather passionate, and how they channel that horniness (let’s just go with Rose’s word). Usually this horniness will be concentrated into something like, oh say, K-pop or maybe crocheting. For Rose, it is a few things but one of those things is relationships.

When it comes to sex, specifically, cis-het girls like Rose, it is her opinion is that to be a straight woman is quite nonsensical, presenting a very persuasive argument. Discussing her own sexuality Rose divulges she came to masturbation rather late and even now finds herself getting distracted from her intention to do so – making it appear the comedian views it as a task.

Rose tries to confront herself why she is so ‘horny’, or all or nothing, about relationships, fandom and craft, whilst also acknowledging it’s that of FOMO. Or rather just plain… MO.

A highly entertaining show with some very enjoyable nostalgia included in amusingly ramshackle audiovisual packages, there is no way you can go to a Rose Matafeo show and not have fun.


Rose Matafeo: Horndog is at Pleasance Courtyard, Above at 18:20 until 26th August. For tickets and more information click here! 

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