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Norris & Parker: Burn the Witch

Norris & Parker are one of the acts I most look forward to seeing during the Edinburgh Fringe, often it can seem like all comedians got some memo about what theme their Fringe show should be about (dead dad, mental health, a recent break-up) but either Norris & Parker don’t get the memo or the phrase ‘and now for something completely different’ was invented for them.

This year they are back with their catsuits, mullet wigs, songs and their unique mix of dark comedy to introduce us to a host of new characters (I was sad Mancademy’s Lynne Parker didn’t get an outing in this show), joined by comedian and keyboard player Huge Davies.

The duo take us on a journey to Phallus Ridge, via a nod towards The Crucible, a northern village that voted leave where they want no trouble, pub landlady Jean Finger just wants to sing show tune classics. But there are rumours the sex witches of old have made a return and Jean must combine forces with a sexually over-active motorcyclist,  to find them.

What is so funny about Norris & Parker is that their characters are outlandish and yet… you know that person. Possibly you work with that person. Quite how you can strike a plausible note whilst donning a red asymmetric bob wig I have no idea, but somehow from Jean Finger to Sandra Bullocks every character is mired in a grim reality.

Plenty of double acts have good chemistry, but not like Norris & Parker, who reveal they take baths together and Norris bore witness to a perfectly routine medical procedure. The trust and connection between the two is strong enough that they can corpse and lapse into conversation and still hold the audience – even on the night I saw the show, where the audience I think were somewhat taken aback and didn’t give the pair the response they deserved.

You will leave hoping you find the Norris to your Parker. Or the Parker to your Norris.


Norris & Parker: Burn the Witch is at 22:45 at Pleasance Courtyard, Beneath until 26th August. For tickets and more information click here!

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