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Lou Sanders: Shame Pig

Plenty of Edinburgh Fringe venues experience technical failures and the Monkey Barrel was having a problem with stage lights, meaning Lou Sanders began her show in darkness before they flickered on halfway through her explaining the light issue. I appreciate Sander’s attitude that the show must go on attitude and I appreciate that Sanders shares my disdain for anybody who says “let there be light” when a room is illuminated.

I have seen Lou Sanders perform a few times before but this time something seems different, there seems to be a greater focus on a message than there has been previously. Shame Pig is, unsurprisingly, about shame, its impact and why embarrassment is different from shame.

This is not to say Shame Pig is a departure from Sanders’ silly, crude jokes but there seems to be more point to them beyond pure provocation. Using her ‘Shame Brain’ prop to pick out memories that make her feel shameful, Sanders tells some hilarious anecdotes that range from an incident with a mystical therapist to cuddly toys and a stabbing for good measure, all seem somehow simultaneously mundane yet fantastical.

There are some great lines about the comedian’s labia, her newfound sobriety and an impromptu chatting up of the front row before the show ties up neatly.

Shame Pig is a fantastically fun show from a comedian who is set for great things.


Lou Sanders Shame Pig is on at 12:30 at the Monkey Barrel until 26th August. For tickets and more information click here! 

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