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Lou Conran: At Least I’m Not Dog Poo Darren

My first time at the caves after being told I should bring a bandana to protect my air-ways if I was spending a lot of time there had me worried. Lou Conrad was a friendly face welcoming the audience for her sold out room at the door, reassuring everyone we were there for a good experience.

First words out of her mouth were precisely related to the dark, damp, cavernous venue and how we’d all be better off with less clothing on, which was the first of very many sex references that had everyone in stitches. There was much more to the show than sex jokes though.

From her sexual history and partners, past work life and colleagues, to mental health and neighbours, the show spans a good couple of decades of Lou’s life, sprinkled with good humoured jokes and even puns – not usually my cup of tea, but used sparingly and in the exact right spots, even I could enjoy them. I was also very pleased with having my own personal laugh, in a full room, when three words in the Portuguese language were said and only I could understand them.

The comedian uses the full length of her acting training to take the audience into the story with her, using the space, her body language and interacting with the audience in hugely satisfying ways. The show finishes with a very uplifting message and actual treats on the way out. I’ve been wearing a badge with a pooping dog on me ever since and I’ll tell everyone who asks me about it to go see the show!


Lou Conran: At Least I’m Not Dog Poo Darren is at Just the Tonic at The Caves at 15:20 until 26th August. For tickets and more information click here!

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