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Bláithín De Burca: Blá Blá Blá

Being Bláithín De Burca must be a difficult task, just ask her therapist, she’ll confess about her real problems, mostly men, but the one thing she won’t share is her drinking habits. Preferable for Bláithín, wine won’t let you down but people will. Bláithín opens her show with honest observations about herself, setting a theme for her self-proclaimed brand of whore.

Bláithín’s style is dark but draws on hard-hitting topics. She explains her fear, anger and tiredness of terrorism. You might find yourself thinking, did she just say that? Well, she did, just give it a minute and you’ll realise she’s right.
Her likes and dislikes are relatable but extreme, comparing her hatred of children (they’re smug anyway) to an unsolicited dick-pic.

Feminist comedy at its finest, Bláithín brings to light struggles that women go through regularly. She apologises for her lack of Daddy issues and admits to being so feminist it’s intimidating.

Bláithín unleashes a savage outlook on feminism with scattered self-deprecation. Blá Blá Blá will leave you raging against the patriarchy with a mission to step up your wine game.


Bláithín De Burca, Blá Blá Blá is at Opium, Cowgate at 19:30, (17th & 18th at Bar Bados, room six, at 13:45) until August 25th.

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