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Baby Wants Candy

In what will be the show with the biggest cast I’ll see at this year’s Edinburgh Festival Fringe, and one that is of a famously male art form, I was happy to see a 50/50 cast.

Baby Wants Candy is based in three cities in America (Chicago, LA and NY), with three different groups of people playing in each of the cities. The cast in Edinburgh is a mixed cast from across the cities.

A fully improvised musical, created anew every time they get on stage from an audience’s suggestion for the title of the musical they want to see. Suggestions went from Tory Love Island, Kim Kardashian for President and Moana Karenina, which was the chosen title for the saga ahead – a mix of Moana the animated film and Anna Karenina the novel was what ensued. High energy and big voices in a not necessarily safe for children Disney love story.

Improv comedy can be hit and miss sometimes as you never get to see the same show twice and cast energies may be on a low, but with such a long-running show as Baby Wants Candy, where music, singing and dance are in the base of the action, you can be assured you’ll get an entertaining show. The cast’s commitment and openness to be silly and make big choices will do the rest.


Baby Wants Candy is at Assembly George Square Studios at 20:00 until 26th August. For tickets and more information click here!

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