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Charlie V. Martin 24/7 Preview

On 24th of July a new club was created; The 24/7 Club. Charlie V. Martin is back with a show filled with historical characters and I caught the last preview of it in London before the whole group – all inside the one person – headed up to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

We were all able to celebrate Charlie’s birthday with her, while remembering, or learning about, a handful of historical figures who share a birthday with the comedian. From Zelda Fitzgerald to Alphonse Mucha and Amelia Earhart to William Poole, they all make an appearance at the speakeasy created for the occasion.

Charlie’s costumes are great! I’m still eyeing her Amelia Earhart leather jacket and the Wonder Woman costume made by Charlotte Freya is a delight! Don’t get stuck on the fact that Wonder Woman is a fictional character, as Charlie will explain it in the show and all characters represented are indeed historical.

The show is a one-woman solo show, with a mix of scripted character sketch, improvised bits with audience participation, puppets and stand-up, as Charlie brings herself on stage for the first time ever and gives us a bit of her own story.

This last preview in London was at the Aces and Eights Saloon Bar in Tufnell Park, which is the perfect venue to emulate the speakeasy scenario – I’m curious to see how this will be recreated during its run at the festival. The audience loved to be made a part of it and Charlie’s experience in improvised comedy pays off in these bits where anything can happen.

Charlie V. Martin: The 24/7 Club is on at C Venues till the 27th August, except Tuesdays. For tickets click here!