Lucy Pearman: Fruit Loop, interview

Lucy Pearman’s debut solo show at Edinburgh Fringe, Maid of Cabbage, was nominated for Best Newcomer at the 2017 Lastminute.com Edinburgh Comedy Awards and transferred to Soho Theatre for a sell-out run at the beginning of this year. This year she returns to the Fringe with a brand new show Fruit Loop! Funny Women editor Kate Stone talked to Lucy about Fruit Loop, clowning and going solo…

Kate Stone: Tell us about your show Fruit Loop

Lucy Pearman: It’s about a worm who has misunderstood her existence. She has heard about how caterpillars turn into butterflies and thinks it’s going to happen to her too. It’s a bit like a back to front ugly duckling story for adults.

KS: Is an egg costume going to feature at all in this show?

LP: Ah, no. Shall I add one? It’s not too late. You can put an egg on most things these days.

KS: How does writing and performing a solo show compare to being in your double act LetLuce?

LP: It’s totally different. When there’s two of you, you have someone to bounce off and check if something’s funny or just too too mad. Also, you can keep an eye on each other during rehearsals to make sure no one is skiving or having a three to four-hour break.

KS: How did you get into comedy?

LP: Letty and I met the legendary comedy director Steve Bendelack filming an advert and he told us to go to Edinburgh.

KS: You’re a graduate of the Gaulier clown course, how do you think clowning has helped your comedy?

LP: I think it has helped me find confidence and belief in my ideas.

KS: Who are your favourite funny women?

LP: Caroline Aherne, Kathy Burke, Kathryn Ryan, Marny Godden, Tash and Ellie, CheekyKita, Beth Vyse, Lou Sanders.

Lucy Pearman: Fruit Loop is at the Monkey Barrel 2 at 18:30, 2nd – 27th (not 14th) August. For tickets click here!