Fringe Wives Club’s Tessa Waters talks all things Glittery Clittery!

Fringe Wives Club have been described by Fest Magazine as “A cult feminist disco not to miss”. Formed by Tessa Waters, Rowena Hutson and Victoria Falconer this trio are coming to the Edinburgh Fringe with a sparkling show to edu-tain the masses. We can’t wait to see it! Our editor Kate Stone talked to Tessa Waters about feminism, changing the system and bonding over a morning bloody mary…

Kate Stone: Tell us about Fringe Wives Club and your show Glittery Clittery

Tessa Waters: I would describe Fringe Wives Club as a trio of comedy power babes and our show Glittery Clittery came out of a desire to create a hilarious, sexy, really entertaining show that also tears down the structures that oppress us, be that the patriarchy, sexism, homophobia, or the colour beige. Burn it all down under the disco ball baby! The show is a comedy cabaret that holds nothing back, it’s sexy, it’s funny, it ridiculous, it teaches you a few things and packs a punch.

KS: How did you come to be working together?

TW: We met on the festival circuit five years ago while we were touring our own respective shows and bonded over late night cocktails and early morning bloody marys. We are all card-carrying feminists and self-proclaimed carnies, queers and comedians and dreamed up this show over a late brunch in Edinburgh. Could we make people laugh their tits off while also teaching them a thing or two and empowering them to change the system? We applied for the ‘Moosehead Award’ (a development grant from Melbourne International Comedy Festival) and got it and haven’t looked back since.

KS: Why have you decided to ‘edu-tain’ your audiences about the female body?

TW: We talk about the female body as we each have one, but this show goes beyond that. We want to everyone to celebrate their bodies, to get educated about how everyone is so different and that this is an amazing thing. We want to create a space for conversation, laughter, questions and empowerment. And it’s all-inclusive, men are so welcome, our motto is “You can have a dick, just don’t be a dick!”

KS: What is #GLAMtivism?

TW: It’s where glamour meets activism, because quite frankly if we are going to have to continue to fight the same battles again and again in the pursuit or equality we wanna do it with a glass of champagne in our hand and feeling fabulous. Comedy, cabaret, music and sequins are our weapons for change and we’re gonna to use them.

KS: Who are your favourite funny women?

TW: We are in awe of the women and femmes who have come before us and created this space where we get to perform this show. French and Saunders, Ab Fab, Victoria Wood, Julie Waters, Lucille Ball these are the giants of our childhood. But there are also such so many inspiring women out today who blow us away Rose Matafeo, Alice Sneddon, Demi Larnder, Double Denim, The Traveling Sisters and Andrea Spisto are all setting the scene on fire at the mo.

Fringe Wives Club: Glittery Clittery is at Assembly Roxy, 20:50, 1st -26th August (except 13th) for tickets click here!