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Kate Stone

Heidi Regan vs Funny Women Interview

There’s no doubt Heidi Regan is onto a winner, having won So You Think You’re Funny 2016 and BBC New Comedy Award 2017 the comedian is coming to Edinburgh Fringe with her show Heidi Vs Sharks, a multi-media show that merges her love of shark films and her life story. Our editor Kate Stone caught up with Heidi to talk about shark films, comedy and favourite gigging spots… 


Kate Stone: Tell us about your show Heidi Vs Sharks

Heidi Regan: I don’t want to give all the twists away but it’s basically me talking about the history of shark films but through that all discussing autobiographical and some very vague points about art and politics.

KS: You manage to merge shark films with autobiographical material surprisingly seamlessly, did this show come together quite easily for you?

HR: I don’t think so. Well it’s been easy in that it was fun to write the whole time and I had an idea of what it would be from late last year that has still held together mostly… but there’s been a lot of work within that to make it all make sense and cut out huge chunks of rambling themes and ideas that were just distracting. I’ve also had huge panics about the fact that I’m doing one high concept idea that I can only practice at rare previews because of the projector side of it. Basically I wanted to fit five rambling ideas into one and I’ve spent the last six months trying make it all clearer.

KS: Seeing your show at Brighton Fringe prompted me to watch Jaws for the first time and I really enjoyed it! Any more shark film recommendations?

HR: Thank you for coming! I would usually say Shark Attack 3 but today I’m going to say Sharks in Venice. Stephen Baldwin’s performance is hypnotic. Listen hard during his tour of Venice to his fiancé. I don’t want to give spoilers but it has a wonderful line.

KS: You’ve gigged all over the world, where’s your favourite place to gig?

HR: The Bill Murray in Angel and Cavendish in Stockwell will always hold number one place in my heart because they are such lovely gigs and also where I started out. I’d love to do the Stands again as well (Edinburgh, Glasgow and Newcastle).

KS: What inspired you to go into comedy?

HR: I was Jokey McJokerson since I was about nine or 10 and just obsessed with making comedy sketches from then on. Comedy is the one area in life I’ve ever had confident opinions on. However I didn’t go into stand up until three years ago because it looked terrifying and held no interest but I was inspired to go into that via a 3.00 am panic attack about not getting anywhere in comedy.

KS: Who are your favourite funny women?

HR: This is super cheesy but my school friends are still my favourite and funniest women I know. We all learnt how to be funny together. In terms of known comics, Maria Bamford is my utter hero.

Heidi Regan is bringing her debut show, Heidi vs Sharks, to the Fringe from 1st-26th August. Tickets available here!

If you can’t wait that long, Heidi is headlining Funny Women Brighton Nights on Saturday 28th July at Komedia. Ticket available here!

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